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My History

I decided to stay at home following the birth of our first child – a son.  A few years later, we added a daughter. I was a stay at home parent and found others with kids the same age to socialize with.  I joined some parenting groups. I parented, cooked, cleaned, repaired, shopped, gardened, and handled the finances.  I also looked forward to returning to my previous profession as a math teacher.  I kept up my teaching license. After 10 years at home, when both kids were school age, I reentered the workforce part-time.  It was filled with unexpected challenges.  After two years, I did the financial math weighed with the stress and decided to stay at home once again.  The difference is, the kids are at school most of the day and are more self-sufficient.  I had bridged out of the more acceptable stay at home parent to the atrocious *dut dut duh* “homemaker”.    As an attempt to squash the negativity regarding being a homemaker, I will attempt to update my job description for this modern world.

Splashed throughout will be some humorous retrospect.  I am old enough now to understand that life doesn’t always go to plan.  I was a very neat, organized and planned out person before children.  Life happens.  While my immediate family is strong, we’ve dealt with many challenges.  In my years as a stay at home parent, we built a house, lived with extended family, my spouse was laid off of work (our only source of income), and we moved to another state.  I understand challenges.  Outside of our immediate family, there has been divorce, mental illness, and drug addiction.  I also know how to set boundaries and have had tough discussions with my children.

As the old proverb goes:  Man plans, God laughs.

My Family

Me – Updated Homemaker

Spouse – My Rock

Son – The Analyst

Daughter – The Artist

My Purpose

I am a homemaker.  I have 11 years experience in this position. Over those years, I have found the most important commodity a homemaker has is time.  Time enables the homemaker to do things to save money in the home.  While battling the negative stereotypes regarding what I do all day, I will also present what value I add by staying home through not spending on convenience items, and doing things myself.  In this blog I will present things that have worked for me.  Some things you may think, “Hey I could do that”  and other things, you may say, “I’ll pass on that”.  It’s up to you.  I challenge the modern homemaker to think consciously about their day-to-day choices.  Those choices have a financial effect on their family.  These choices are made in part with their value system.  I don’t think any homemaker can be at this for too long before they are challenged to understand their value system due to the choices that they have to make. It is time to update the homemaker job description.  My updated version is being created in this blog.  I hope that I can inspire others to recreate their job description through their examination of their choices and to form it into what works for them.

My Goals

This blog will not only get me writing, but my goal is to write something every weekday.  Weekends are optional.  I have always wanted to see if I could do well with writing.  As I write this, I am new to blogging and am learning more everyday how to get one started.  Soon, as I get enough content going, I will need to start trying to build some readership.  This will be stepping out of the box for me and exposing my thoughts to the world.  I will also be working on my writing for a teen fiction series I have in mind.  That will not be published here.  I do hope to build a following and when it is time to look for a literary agent and try to get published, I will have some success.

What I am and What I am not

There are many other blogs out there that come from different approaches by other homemakers.  While I do believe in God, I don’t believe that it is God’s only plan for me to serve my family as a homemaker.  Being a homemaker is not part of a submissive belief system.   I am also not here to show every experimental project I have done in the home for your review.  I will post things that I have done tried and true in my home for some time.  I do not home school.  My kids attend public school.

At the core of my homemaking reality is conscious spending.  I want my family to live within our means by budgeting, saving and only consuming what we need.  Commercialism and capitalism is all around, I just want my family to consciously take part by understanding needs vs. wants.  We all have choices to make, lets just be smart about them and also embrace that all families do not make the same spending choices.  We all must find what works for us.

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