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October 14, 2013 by updatedhomemaker

Hi everyone,

I started Updatedhomemaker.com less than a mere four months ago.  In that time, I have proudly had 592 visits and gained 23 followers.  Thank you for following me.

You may have found that my posting has dropped off.  I started updated homemaker on my 39th birthday in June with the thought that if I don’t start writing now, I’ll never do it.  So I jumped in headfirst – but wasn’t sure what kind of pool I wanted to swim in.  I dabbled about finding other bloggers to follow – their blogs, their tweets.  I would follow people back when they followed me.  Then Andrea Badgley  at Butterfly Mind tweeted about Liv Lane‘s ecourse titled How to Build a Blog you Truly Love.  I signed up right away.

When I look back on my posts, they are quite scatterbrained.  I provided recipes, posted visuals about what I love about summer, examined the role of the homemaker, but most of all talked about BIG topics that not only touch a homemaker, but everyone.  Those are the posts I loved to write.  They were sometimes agonizing as to how to express my thoughts on them.  Many times there was a personal story in the background.  However, I wanted my post to be about the root idea underlying the personal story.  When I was able to trim it down to what the idea was, it turned into writable, contemplative topic to which people could relate.

So I am shifting my focus to contemplative topics to find a path to follow.  My NEW blog is at http://consciouscourse.com ,Thoughtfully Considered Direction through the Avenues of Life.  I hope that you will join me over there along my writing journey with a defined focus.  I am still in a transitional stage as I switch so much over – from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, new twitter, new facebook page, getting on google plus.  The ecourse will be concluding in a few weeks and I will really be rolling as the cold weather and indoor time moves into Minnesota.  All the new links are at my new page.

Laura Fuelleman Writer blogger formerly at updatedhomemaker.com Now at consciouscourse.com

Laura Fuelleman
blogger formerly at updatedhomemaker.com
Now at consciouscourse.com

Oh, and I was inspired to no longer remain anonymous, my friends.  My name is Laura Fuelleman and I am a writer… and so much more.

Glad to meet you.

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