The Pile

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July 31, 2013 by updatedhomemaker

or why the show “Hoarders” is such a success.


In every home there is “the pile”.  If you’re lucky there are few.  I wouldn’t even dare to say there is only one.  In every life, family, home, there are piles.  Piles of papers overloaded with information to make sure that you were informed by the school of this or that.  The daily mail from those that have a relationship with you (keep) or want to in the future (mostly trash).  The piles of paper from past work, past education, past projects.  Piles of laundry – clean and dirty.  Piles of dishes.  Piles of toys.

I dread many of these piles.  I do sometimes wonder if the term homemaker should really be pile tamer.  It seems life at times has boiled down to me vs. the piles.  When I am feeling good about the state of my home, the piles are minimal.  When I get behind the piles sit and mock me.  I am good at ignoring them.  But with all things home related, there comes a point where you can’t ignore them anymore.

I’ve been off of posting for a week.  The piles built up as I took on more time blogging and writing.  I’m taking care of the usual piles.  Tomorrow, I will put away laundry – one pile conquered.  Then, I will create another pile while packing for an upcoming trip.  I also added the school supply pile over the last couple of days.  It seems no matter how many piles I extinguish, more are necessary in our lives.  My main floor can be pile free at times (really!).  Those are good times.

The basement contains the piles that have been demoted to being ignored.  I will pull a few piles out with good intention, but somehow they just tend to sit.  Now you may be wondering if I’m a hoarder… No.  Our home is just a regular one.  It is not spotless.  You cannot eat off the floor, but you can eat at the table.  You can sit on a couch.  A single pile has never gotten more than a foot high on a counter (that dang school paper pile).  One of my favorite piles is out at the curb right now – the trash – ready for pick up early tomorrow morning.  We never seem to be at a loss for filling it.

As much as I complain about my pile taming, I do know that I should appreciate that the piles mean I have things.   My day-to-day piles show that we have more than we need in regards to clothing, dishes, food, communication and entertainment.  The piles that I ignore are reminders of my past education, work, and activities.  I do know that they are filled with experiences that make me who I am today.  It is not the things that are important.   As an American with a crazy amount of choices and access to things, I realize that if I had less of this or that, life would go on.  It is the experiences and the people who should be appreciated.

And yet, I do tune in to watch some episodes of hoarders on occasion.  They make me feel better about the state of my piles.  They also bring other emotions out like sadness for the person and the waste.  It is similar to tuning in to Jerry Springer and feeling like your family and friends are Okay – at least they aren’t as bad as the ones on that show.  So when it comes to the piles – at least my piles are not that bad.  I appreciate what I have and know things are not the most important thing in my house.

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