My Personal Social Media Manifesto

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July 19, 2013 by updatedhomemaker

  1. I will not post anything negative about another person – ever.  We all need to be respectful of each other in social settings – whether in person or over the internet.  Name calling and put downs of an individual are not acceptable.
  2. I may engage in debate about a concept.  Don’t confuse spirited debate of a concept with a personal attack.  I will be clear about the idea at issue.  I realize that some people may take my non-agreement with an issue as a personal attack.  I may be personally attacked for my opinion, but will not return personal fire.  I can also choose to keep my disagreement with the issue to myself or withdraw from the debate at any time.
  3. I will not post anything that everyone cannot see.  The audience is really public no matter what your settings.  Once it is out there, it is out there.
  4. I will not post headshots, personal information,  or otherwise embarrassing things about my children.   Their privacy and protection is paramount.  Period.  If I need to share with the important people in their lives, I will do so in a secure way.  If you disagree, remember that someday they will also have entrance into the social media world.  So will their friends and their frenemies.  Don’t give them ammunition.  If you respect their lives by letting them post about themselves, then hopefully they will return the favor when they have issue with you or a pretty horrible picture of you.
  5. I will not post while on vacation.  I will protect my assets by not advertising my absence from my home.  I can share photos and experiences once I have returned from vacation.  I don’t always need to be connected to social media.
  6. I will only post things that involve me; my activities, my successes, and my views.  This is MY social media profile – Not someone else’s.  I have value and don’t need to get it by incorporating other people into my posts.  The only exception will be passing on already published items that are available to everyone as a means of promoting their ideas with which I agree or couldn’t have said better.
  7. I will be conscious that not everyone has the same views.  While I shouldn’t hide who I am or my views, I also must realize that I don’t need to make it my mission to change other people’s minds or be obnoxious through successive postings of the same idea in their inbox or news feed.
  8. I will take part in social media by building upon or forming new friendships.  I will interact with social media by giving out likes or comments.  I will also go beyond the social media realm and reach out to others for actual human interaction.  Online relationships are not as real or fulfilling as authentic human relationships.
  9. I will not use people’s postings for my social entertainment or as a basis for gossip.  Friends will let me know what is going on in their lives and I don’t need to tell others about their lives.  There will be the occasional exception when the right person can be the right help at the right time, but it never hurts to ask first.
  10. I will also realize that anything I post will be open for discussion and judgment by others.  When I post about myself, I open myself up for discussion.  My posts can be social entertainment, gossip, or topics of conversations for others.  Although I choose not to take part in that type of activity, I know I cannot stop others from doing so.  Being myself puts me at risk for criticism, judgment and possible un-friending.  Don’t stop being myself.  It is the best person I know how to be.  
  11. Just because I CAN post something, it doesn’t mean I SHOULD post something.  See the list above.
  12. What I post can be with me forever. Need I say more?

Printable jpg below.  If you want to hear more about my thoughts about how I arrived at these guidelines see yesterday’s post “Social Media Chicken – That’s me!”


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