A Homemaker is a Homemaker – male or female – kids or no kids


July 16, 2013 by updatedhomemaker

Let’s give them all some respect!

It can be a purely valid career choice that can fit into a family dynamic and budget.

Another Psychology Today article by Emily Matchar.

Would You Marry a Male Homemaker? | Psychology Today.

Mostly, I realize that the author is one that could not have ever walked in a Homemaker’s shoes.  Her tone is one that belittles what he does each day and judges how it could possibly take so much time to do housework, stating  “I’d probably be bored out of my skull in about 3.7 hours.”

She goes on to say “must have a waaaaaay bigger house than I do. Between my husband and I, a pretty thorough weekly cleaning takes about 2 hours every Sunday, and laundry and cooking take another 2 hours a day max”.  Thus adding to the “what in the world do you do ALL day?!” attitude.

She states that her “interest and engagement in things outside the home and our family unit are part of the reason” her husband likes her.  This assumes that a homemaker would suddenly have to give up their interests and doing things outside the home.  I absolutely disagree with that statement.  Homemakers must branch out of their home.  We are all social creatures to some degree.  This just feeds into the stereotype of a homemaker being a “kept” person.

While I don’t enjoy her tone, I do have to agree with some points that she makes. I plan to post further on these points.

– he left behind a career where his skills are now at a standstill and will be left undeveloped or out of date

– the spouse is “solely responsible for financial security”, which is an added pressure

– he is leaving himself financially vulnerable in the case of divorce because there are no kids.

2 thoughts on “A Homemaker is a Homemaker – male or female – kids or no kids

  1. Shax says:

    I wouldn’t be a homemaker if I didn’t have kids. Then I wouldn’t have to live in a bigger house that can accommodate a bigger family. I wouldn’t have to buy stuff, organize stuff, and do stuff in general for other very dependent people, lol. I think men are commanded to work according to the Bible. Even in the secular world a stay-home dude without kids is still frown upon. I’m no psychologist, but I believe men and women are made differently, thus the difference in attitude toward staying home. I know a few stay-home Dads, even though they had kids to take care of, it’s tough on their men-hood, aka pride.

    • Thank you for your thoughts. You are the first reader to make a comment! Part of the purpose of this blog is to combat the view that homemakers don’t work. Admittedly the amount of work put in varies on an individual basis. Although homemaking is not a paid position, it is a potential money saving job which has an overall impact on the household budget. I also feel it is an often judged position in society that is looked down upon. Even more so for males. Society can find it (grudgingly) acceptable if they are fulfilling the part of caretaker of children.

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